Instructors, Ed Topar and Gail Cassidy, started their careers as public school teachers. After leaving the teaching profession, they both worked for IBM where they received the best business training available at the time. Their training was based on the right combination of classroom theory, practical applications and successful experiences. This training enabled them to move successfully through their business careers in a variety of positions. Upon retirement, they both went back to their true passion--teaching.

Ed started out in sales at IBM but quickly climbed the corporate ladder, moving through a series of staff and managerial positions where training was a constant ingredient in the process. Later, as National Sales Manager of two large corporations, it became even more apparent to Ed that the benefits associated with quality training were key success factors for him and his employees.

Gail Cassidy has had extensive training and program development experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors. After her IBM jobs as instructor, manager, then writer, Gail became the manager of instruction for an international training company, where she developed seminars and workshops as well as trained new instructors and clients.

Gail’s second passion is writing. She has written
Discover Your Passion,The Validating Teacher, The Validating Mentor, You Cannot NOT Communicate, and One Talk Fits All plus Tips booklets for various groups, and an entire Seminar Series.

Both Gail and Ed have been active internationally by volunteering their considerable teaching expertise in support of in-service training programs for teachers and administrators in Lithuania each summer.

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