The Civility Solution
for Business Owners

The success of whatever product or service you sell frequently depends on how your customers feel they have been treated.

"People may not remember what you did or what
you said but they will always remember how you made
them feel."  Maya Angelou

Everybody wants to be accepted. Everybody wants to feel special, even when they are purchasing minor products and services.

How can you determine how well your customers are treated? Easy.

Give me a call and I’ll visit your location and post your evaluation that same evening, using a number rather than the name of your company.

What we help you in five ways:

1. A “Secret Shopper” 16-page tips booklet for your employees and/or

2. A more generic 16-page tips booklet including your company logo and information which you can give to your customers.

Booklets are $6 each with a minimal purchase of 100 copies for personalized booklets.

3. Outline for employee training @$10.00.

4. Three-hour Professional training @$2,000.

One Talk Fits All is for employers to use to train their employees and/or their customers. Attitude, nonverbal communication, and human relation skills are covered.

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