Senior Citizens

Recorded Legacy CD's from interviews with family member(s)

Soft-cover Autobiographies written from interviews with family member(s)

Legacy Workshops - a gathering of people who explore and share their life stories in response to specific questions or topics of the day. These Workshops enable the capturing of ideas on a CD for the generations that follow. The Workshops stimulate creativity, enabling the sharing of life stories and the discovery of new meanings to the past while developing a greater understanding of other participants.

Elementary and High School Students

Bully-Be-Gone, a one-hour interactive presentation on anti-bullying techniques for elementary and middle school students. It includes a game at the end which tests their knowledge of how to handle bullying situations.

Kids Mentoring Kids, a six-hour interactive presentation for juniors and seniors in high school, where they learn how to mentor underclass students, especially those considered "at risk" of dropping out or not actively engaging in the classroom.

Public Speaking

A ten-week course on mastering the art of public speaking, which includes mastering the skills of oral communication, non-verbal communication, and attitude choices.


One-on-one coaching on discovering and implementing your passion.
Small group coaching on discovering and implementing your passion.


30-day e-mail course, Profit From Your Passion, shows you how to live the life you were meant to live by guiding you through the process of self discovery so you can locate your passion and apply that passion to a income-producing path.
A Civility Solution training program for retailers which focuses on the importance of how customers feel as a result of interaction with employees.