Legacy Workshops

“You understand your life better if you share it piece by piece with other people . . . Something happens during the telling that goes beyond what is achieved by remembering alone. . . New experiences become reminders of feelings and events that we have set aside and thought we had forgotten . . . as each new session builds on previous session,” said Dr. James Birren, Pd.D., Psychology Today.

In the one-hour weekly Legacy Workshops sessions, participants

• explore and share their life stories

• share the life stories of their peers

• give new meaning to their present lives

• recapture old thoughts and feelings

• probe areas heretofore untapped

• better understand themselves

• enhance thinking skills

• share memories

• express feelings

• feel invigorated and excited about their life stories

COST: $10 per person for each session

Autobiographical DVD’S

Individuals or up to three people are interviewed and filmed in order to

• capture their history

• record their ideas

• share their life stories

• discover new meaning to their pasts

• feel invigorated and excited about their lives

• record a life-time legacy for other family members.

COST: $150 for a one-hour DVD

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