This site is devoted to retirees who want to make a difference by using your special strengths and passions. We all share the same primary desire--to be happy. The way to be happy is to do what gives you the greatest satisfaction.

We help you find your strengths and your passion(s), and we help you find how to use them.

Today, “retirement” has many positive meanings: freedom, excitement, leisure, time for you, time for your family, and most importantly, time to make a difference, doing what you love to do!

Barbara Sher, author of
Wishcraft, wrote, “You’re all obligated to do what you love because that’s where your gifts lie and those gifts belong to us.” Retirement is the time to locate and pursue those gifts you have within you and share them with the world.

Step One is the Analysis - Step Two is finding your niche.

STEP ONE: Click here to take the free preliminary “Retire to Your Passion” test and see if you find your passion without going any further.

STEP TWO: Enroll in the 30-day on-line “Retire to Your Passion” course over a six-week period. The course will lead you through a thorough analysis of your entire life, looking for what always interested you, what has given you great pleasure, which people you have admired and why, and so much more. This program is supplemented by weekly teleclasses to share your findings and answer any questions you may have.

STEP THREE: For individual or small group coaching, click here.

Once you know your passion--what you have always wanted to do, we can help you find what will give you the greatest satisfaction, whether for pay or as a volunteer.

Check out the two-page sample flyer describing possible programs for you. You can copy this brochure, substituting your bio. information in place of ours and the programs you choose to deliver.


These are the programs Ed and I have developed. These are what we enjoy doing, in addition to traveling to Lithuania to teach. Your expertise may be in editing, writing, building bird houses, building a web page, marketing, sewing, or any number of things. You may not want to teach; you may want to have products you can develop. You may want to travel, play golf, entertain, dance. Anything you want to do that you enjoy doing is the right thing for you.

If teaching is your bailiwick, we have numerous programs we can share with you, including PowerPoint presentations for your use.

Those who opt to take the 30-Day Course in finding their passion will be welcomed to be interviewed on our weekly radio program and/or featured in our blog.