The Explore Your Passion process is a six-week commitment, starting with the completion of questions in a letter I send you once you sign up and which you answer and return to me.

Next, we will have a one-hour talk where I will ask you specific Discover Your Passion questions.

In between Session One and Session Two, I research ideas regarding the path best suited for you from the information you provide me. I compare all three segments: my impression, your prepared answers, and your responses during the one-hour session, after which I send you my initial impression letter along with a plethora of information about possible careers that would fit you. After readying the materials, you select what "sings" to you and I do further research which I send before the second meeting. After our second meeting you will receive my final recommendation along with the steps you need to take in order to start your journey.

You then will receive a final recommendation via e-mail, after which we will schedule four additional brief (15-minute) meetings to help in follow through. If you want to continue after six weeks, that, too, can be continued for only $80 for four sessions a month.

Because of the amount of work involved with each client, I limit myself to no more than four clients a week. If you are interested, send me an e-mail, gail@coachability.com, or give me a call and get on the list.

I thoroughly enjoy the responses I receive from each client after they read what an independent source tells them about themselves.


The question we've all asked ourselves time and time again, "What do I want to do in life and how do I get there?" has been answered.  "Explore Your Passion" made me aware of the skills and talents I utilize everyday, and how to begin applying them towards a new career path.  More importantly, the course provided me with the tools to manage my time and goals on my own, beyond the sessions.  Thank you for providing me with the insight and knowledge to move "forward" towards my passion!
My sincere gratitude,
James Charlesworth

            I'm writing this to thank you for using your expertise to help me find a suitable career path.  After two years in the education field, teaching at-risk students, I was feeling very strongly that a typical position as a High School educator was not for.   However, beyond knowing that teaching wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life – I knew nothing.   At first I held some skepticism about speaking with you; I didn't even have a clue about where I wanted my future to lead, so I doubted a conversation with someone else would provide any conclusions.   In this, I was wrong.  You were able to take aspects of my personality, general interests, and my current degree, put them together to create a unique idea that fit me perfectly.    I want to thank you for helping me realize my dream, and for showing me the steps I need to take in order to achieve it.
Penelope Maynard

I had many ideas about which direction to go career-wise, yet I just couldn't pinpoint what would be the best area of work for me to go into.  I spoke to Gail over the phone, letting her know about my interests, strengths and weaknesses, and past job experience.  Shortly after our conversation, Gail found what would work out best for me.  Her feedback  was precise, thorough, and she gave me more than plenty of ideas as to where to begin in my career path! I am definitely pleased with what Gail offered me; her coachability was exactly what I needed at this point in time.   
Kim  emwink

As a college senior about to graduate in a few months, I was terrified about not knowing what I wanted to do in my post college life. After speaking to Gail on the phone, I felt like she knew me better than I knew myself. She seemed to know everything about me just from hearing about my strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. She suggested careers that I had never considered before. Not only do I feel like I know myself better, but I'm on a much better path towards a career. I'm so glad I consulted with Gail. I highly recommend her service.
~Josh Lawrence

Gail has opened my mind to many new possibilities. Through carefully designed questions and delightful followup conversations she has helped me see my potential (at age 67!) for leading a personally rewarding life in the retirement years. I wondered how I could combine fields of interest, time with family and friends, and a need to feel useful in the community. Gail helped me discover  answers, and it's exciting!!
Sally H, retiree, Sierra Vista, AZ

E-mail me at
gail@coachability.com or call (908) 654-5216 to set up a time.




Those who complete EXPLORE YOUR PASSION are eligible for twice monthly coaching to help achieve their goals.