Retiree Legacy Group

EARN MONEY helping others create meaningful products in order to leave their legacies.

After the initial relief of not having a rigid schedule and following the rules of others, many retirees find that one of the most difficult aspects of retirement is lack of personal interaction with others. The retiree no longer is a “part” of a group. Laughter, celebrations, concerns, goals and objectives are no longer a part of life. The retiree is out!

Many former community volunteer activities are also out. The PTA is a distant memory as are so many other volunteer activities as the children have grown and left the nest. After decades of living, learning, and doing, now what?

Possible solutions include more volunteering, a part time job, perhaps travel, but
there is a “best solution,” which includes freedom to do as you please, frequent, perhaps daily, meaningful interaction with others, satisfaction, fulfillment, enjoyment, and the feeling of “making a difference.”

SOLUTION: The best solution is the formation of LEGACY GROUPS whose primary purpose is to share earned wisdom and knowledge with others via books, e-books, booklets, CD’s, DVS’s, podcasts, letters, journals, e-courses, teleclasses, posters, or any communication device desired by the individual and/or group.

ASSUMPTIONS: Everyone has knowledge, information, or wisdom about something, e.g., Finance, Raising children, Craft ideas, Cooking ideas, Building, Lawn tending--trees, gardens, flowers, vegetables, Addiction--smoking, drugs, weight, etc., Healthful living, Animals, Birds, Camping, Decorating, Saving Money, Traveling, Genealogy, History, Science, Psychology, Sports or any knowledge or information someone has earned, merely through years of living, the right to share with others.

Outdated knowledge is history; new knowledge is viable and worth sharing. Why waste this earned wisdom and knowledge! Why not share with those who follow!


WHAT CAN YOU OFFER IMMEDIATELY? CD’s of weekly sessions and DVS’s of Autobiographical Interviews.

COMING SOON: Monthly Legacy Teleworkshops for those interested in starting their own Legacy Workshop business. There would be a monthly fee of $19.95 for the monthly calls which include topics, questions, templates for letters, monthly newsletter, lists of contacts, and discussions of how to conduct the weekly workshops.

If you are interested in joining our list, send me
an e-mail, and I will add your name to the list.