Nobody rises to low expectations. -Unknown

The road to success is always under construction. -Arnold Palmer

Look at a man the way he is, and he only become worse. Look at him as if he were what he could be, and then he becomes what he should be. -Johann Goethe

Success is not counted by how high you have climbed but by how many you have brought with you. -Will Rose

To mentor means to assist a valued mentoree move from where he or she is to where he or she wants to go. -Unknown

Mentoring is about two people of different ages and backgrounds, talking together and learning from each other. -Kaplan/Newsweek guide on "How to Be a GREAT MENTOR."

In the 2003 State of the Union Address, President Bush said, "Government will support the training and recruiting of mentors, yet it is the men and women of America who will fill the need. One mentor, one person, can change a life forever--and I urge you to be that one person."

A research study provided these results on mentoring. "Children who met with a mentor three times a month for one year were 46 percent less likely to begin using illegal drugs, 27 percent decrease in initiating alcohol use, 37 percent decrease in lying to parents, 52 percent less likely to skip school, and 33 percent less likely to get into fights." (Statistics from a nationwide review of Big Brother/Big Sister's Programs by Tierney & Grossman)

Why has mentoring grown into a social movement supported by government, schools, businesses and religious institutions alike? Because it works.

Recognize that a mentor is a caring and concerned person. A mentor is a listener and a guide.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Why Validational Learning?
Chapter 2. Reading and Writing Skills
Chapter 3. Motivational Learning
Chapter 4. Self Esteem/Values
Chapter 5. Interpersonal Skills
Chapter 6. Why Validational Learning Works
Chapter 7. Conclusion
Works Cited and Referenced
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