The ultimate goal of everyone in business is obviously to earn money. Many coaches and small business owners earn money, but not enough. Teachers may want/need to supplement their income during the summer or in the evenings.

No matter what business you are in, you can increase your effectiveness and your earnings with your clients by addressing their needs.

Do you find that

• you have run out of ideas on how to get more new clients,
• you need to have more credibility in order to get the clients you desire,
• your clients have completed their time with you,
• your clients have no more need for your products or services?

If you relate to one or more of these statements, please continue.

Clients best served by our products and services fall into one of the following four categories:

• Coaches
• Instructors/trainers/teachers
• Entrepreneurs
• Small business owners

Those most likely to succeed using our products and services are those who

• are highly motivated to succeed,
• are sensitive to the needs of their client,
• are willing to address groups,
• are committed to success,
• believe they can make a difference in the lives of others.

If you are interested in getting more clients, more sales or start a new business, look at what seminar/workshop training can mean to you. You can

• Be your own boss
• Earn large sums of money
• Set your own hours
• Compliment your existing products and services
• Have fun
• Meet wonderful and interesting people
• Make a difference in the lives of others, and
• Maximize your own potential,

then look closely at our series of exciting, enlightening, empowering training sessions that are already thoroughly researched, timed, tried, and developed.

If you are interested, learn more about “Make a Difference” seminar training.

8 Ways Workshops--In person or on-line-- Will Grow Your Business--No Matter What You Sell!

• A workshop and/or seminar introduces you to large numbers of potential clients in a short period of time.

• A workshop and/or seminar lets you grow a mailing list to market to over and over again.

• A workshop and/or seminar allows you to introduce your other products.

• A workshop and/or seminar allows you to make a memorable impression on potential clients.

• A workshop and/or seminar positions you as an Expert in your field.

• Each workshop and/or seminar you deliver enhances your skills and abilities in dealing with potential clients.

• A workshop and/or seminar enhances your credibility.

• Workshops and/or seminars will effortlessly SPREAD THE WORD about you and your business.