WHY? To paraphrase Charles Swindoll, “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.” The point is that is you control your attitude, you can control your world. Your attitude is reflected through your body language, and, if you so desire, you can learn to change in a flash.

HOW? This three- to six-hour interactive workshop is fun and fast paced. The concentration is on attitude and non-verbal communication and how it affects everyone, specifically (1) controlling feelings and attitudes, (2) improving communication skills through increasing awareness of visual and auditory perceptions, and (3) learning specific human relation skills which can be implemented immediately.

Participants will enjoy learning how their messages are communicated non verbally. They will also learn how to teach these same lessons to others. The overall benefit to all is vastly improved communication skills.

In addition to enjoying the program, participants can take segments of the program and share them with coworkers. For example, when people understand that they can control their attitudes and that they can control their reactions to whatever happens to them, they feel empowered and know they have more control over their lives than they may have thought. During the program, participants learn ways to master their choices.

WHAT? It is a fact that messages come 55% from our bodies, 38% from our voices--inflection, intonation, volume-- and 7% from actual words. When a person says, “I heard what you said.” and the listener replies, “But I only said . . .” there will be better understanding of these statistics. For example, “I didn’t say he stole her wallet” has seven different meanings according to which word is emphasized.

Pictures and stories are used to exemplify how what we see is often not what is. Participants will learn that their perceptions are their reality, and they may be right or they may be wrong, in spite of what they see.

All participants will learn, within a five-minute period, basic people skills that they can share with their coworkers or clients. The method of learning, via mental pictures, can be used in numerous situations.

This is a valuable program which will positively affect each participant. This program is a delightful, fun learning experience for all those who participate. The lessons will be remembered long after the session is over. This half-day workshop is the most requested one of all.

WHO? Potential Audiences: Retailers, Police, Teachers, Administrators, Students, Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Small Businesses, Civic Groups: Chambers of Commerce, Town Councils, School Boards, Non-profit Organizations, Churches, YMCA’s, etc.


•Tips for Teachers (“134 Tips for Teachers Plus More”)
•Tips for Trainers (“Be a Fantastic Trainer”)
•Tips for Police (“Be a Fantastic Police Officer”)
•Tips for Parents (“Be a Fantastic Parent and Raise Fantastic Children”)
•Tips for NonProfits
•Tips for School Boards
•Tips for Retailers (“The Secret Shopper” - see menu)
•Be the Best That You Can Be
Plus more on request