This program has been specially developed for Juvenile Detention Centers, prison classes, "at risk" classes in high schools or community centers. Below is the proposal for the program which explains what is involved.



• Increased number of students in trouble with the law
• Increased number of students who drop out of high school

• America’s public schools graduate 700,000 functionally illiterate students every year.
• 700,000 more drop out. (Kearns and Doyle,
Winning the Brain Race)
• A high percentage of dropouts end up in prison, costing the state approximately $40,000 a year. If 8 out of 10 potential dropouts in a class were to stay out of prison as a result of this program, there would be a
savings of $320,000 a year. (The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and the New Jersey Public Policy Research Institute’s Re-Entry Roundtable report, June 20, 2003, Trenton, NJ., entitled “Community Re-Entry of Adolescents from N.J.’s Juvenile Justice System,” by Bruce B. Stout, Ph.D., Un. of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ.)


Family backgrounds, poverty, language challenges, unhealthy family environment, negative classroom experiences, poor socio-economic backgrounds, negative role models, abuse, gang activity, poor choices, plus more. Bottom line: poor self concept--students believe they are incapable of succeeding.


This program addresses the basics of human nature, provides life skills, provides a safe classroom atmosphere, establishes relevance in their studies, builds on their successes, and provides individual validation of students.

Specifically, the program is a three-pronged approach. Students look at themselves in three areas:
(1) Life as an Individual (Imaging: Thoughts, Attitude, Relaxation/Visualization), (2) Life as a Member of Society (Speaking, Human Relations Skills), and (3) Life as an Entrepreneur/contributing member of society (Discover Your Passion, Profit From Your Passion, and Job Search/Interviewing Skills).  These topics are combined and delivered in a fun, relevant, non-threatening, success guaranteed manner and can be delivered in segments according to time available per student. Our overall goal is to instill a strong, positive self concept in each participant.


• Course material segments total 20 weeks but individual segments can be as brief as one week according to the time available for the student and/or the teacher.
• Six-months of mentoring for each student, or until mentor feels the student is ready to forego weekly calls/meetings.


To successfully “reach” students before they get to the detention center OR successfully “reach” them while in the detention center in order to keep them out of jail.


Specifically, the following essential areas are covered in the training:

• Choices/Responsibility,
• Attitude/Nonverbal Communication,
• Direction (via
Discover Your Passion),
• Confidence/Imaging,
• Improved self-esteem,
• Speaking
• Interviewing Skills, and an
• Individualized Plan for their future.
Again, these topics are combined and delivered in a fun, relevant, non-threatening, success-guaranteed manner.

The materials used for the students include the following:
• Profit From Your Passion 25.00
The Validating Mentor student manual 10.00

The materials used for the instructors include the following:

• Lesson Plans for Discover Your Passion portioN (no charge)
• One Talk Fits All (Instructor Only) 29.00
• Profit From Your Passion
The Validating Mentor teachers manual 29.00
Using the
Profit From Your Passion, students are able to find what is “special” about them, what they do naturally, what they most enjoy doing, what possibilities there are for them in the world, plus much more. The other books/booklets prepare them to deal with people and situations effectively in the real world.


SELF INSTRUCTION. The only cost would be the cost of materials. The seminars are accompanied with lessons plans and CD’s explaining exactly how to implement the programs.


As mentioned before, the average cost per student for materials is approximately $41 (depending on quantity ordered). These prices on the previous page are for 1 to 10 of each book. For quantities of 11 to 50 of each book, there is a 15% discount, and from 51-100 of each book, a 20% discount. You can also choose among the books/
booklets to see which would best fulfill your needs.

The program has a great deal of flexibility and can fit into any time arrangement. Most importantly, every segment of training is directed toward the development of a positive self concept for each and every student. If students believe they can succeed, they will succeed. As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

PLAN C: FREE!!! Free teleseminar training is available only to teachers of these programs. The advantage of this option is that the training calls are recorded and can be listened to over again or can be listened to if an instructor is unable to attend the session.


Keep one student out of prison as a result of this program, and the cost of the program will have been covered.

Having this training in all the Juvenile Detention Centers and 15 prisons in New Jersey would have to make a huge difference in the recidivism rate. Releasing trained, confident young adults who have a mentor following them for six months is key. And how much better would it be to keep “at risk” kids out of the prison system! Here is where you can be of tremendous help and influence by adopting this program for use in your location.

I would be delighted to discuss this program with others who are responsible for implementing the program, at their convenience. I can be reached at (908) 654-5216. I look forward to hearing from you.


Gail Cassidy

P.S. In the forefront of the news today is the increased frequency of domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying. While I’m grateful for the September 6, 2001 legislation addressing bullying, harassment, and intimidation, which requires every school district to have a policy to address prevention strategies, more must be done. Violence is a symptom of a greater problem, which I feel, this program helps to address. If a person can learn to feel good about him/herself and have a purpose in life, he or she has a much better chance to reign in violent tendencies.

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